An LGBT children’s book has been blasted over its pedophile symbolism and sexualized images. Oneoutraged couple removed their young child from a UK nursery school saying that she was being exposed to sexual imagry in the book. The parents, Will and Maria Taylor from Hull, said they took action after they were left unhappy by the response from staff at the city’s Genesis Pre-School.

Screenshots from the book Grandad’s Pride started circulating on social media lastweek, raising concerns about the content and whether it was appropriate for children.

In one illustration from the book, two men wearing what appears to be bondage-themed gear are seen kissing each other in public during a pride parade.

New book for children.
Grandad’s Pride is for kids 3-6.— I Meme Therefore I Am 🇺🇸 (@ImMeme0) June 2, 2023

The Mirror reports: At first the mum did not notice the images but after another parent flagged the content to them the couple decided to take matters up with nursery staff. But after being unsatisfied by the response from staff they decided to pull their four-year-old daughter out of the pre-school.

The book, Grandad’s Pride, written and illustrated by Harry Woodgate, includes a depiction of two men kissing at a pride event while dressed in black leather gear. The publisher has said it is a “faithful representation of Pride Celebrations” but the image has caused controversy among some online groups, Hull Live reports.

Will said: “We identified two images of men who are partially naked in leather bondage gear. One has a leather cod-piece moulded tightly around his crotch along with garters running down his thighs. He also has a studded dog collar around his neck and knee high boots. Both have various leather straps around their bodies and studs/spikes. The main and most immediate concern is that children have been exposed to at least two age-inappropriate sexual or erotic images of a man in what can only be reasonably described as ‘bondage/fetish/BDSM’ gear.”

The couple decided to tell nursery staff they thought the book was inappropriate but they became concerned by the response they got, prompting them to remove their daughter. Will said: “When we went to the nursery to raise concerns about the book, to be honest, we expected staff to instantly apologise and that would be the end of the matter. But the safeguarding lead began to defend the images. They argued the children would not understand or perceive erotic or sexual images. Staff claimed the image was just portraying “dress-up” and would not be perceived as erotic by a child as they have no idea what “erotic” is. They disagreed with our assessment that the images are erotic and stated “that’s just your opinion”.

“But this was no justification in our eyes. Arguing with us over the appropriateness of these sexual images quickly damaged the trust we held for the nursery team. At this stage I was concerned and took our daughter out of the nursery.”

It gets worse

A Twitter user also found details on another page of the book that she believed had some concerning symbolism according to The Publica:

“Two MAPs alongside the side ‘Love Is Love is Love,’” user @blablafishcakes wrote. “If you know the code, you know. If you don’t: MAPs are Minor Attracted Persons and Love is Love is the covert little mantra of pedophiles.”

It gets worse. Look what else is smuggled into the illustrations of “Grandad’s Pride”. Two MAPs alongside the sign “Love is Love is Love”. If you know the code, you know… if you don’t: MAPs are Minor Attracted Persons and Love is Love is the covert little mantra of paedophiles.— Jane, Empress of the Known Universe (but not a GP) (@blablafishcakes) June 5, 2023

The term “Minor Attracted Person” was first coined by a pro-pedophilia lobby group called B4U-ACT, which was founded in 2003 by convicted child rapist Michael Melsheimer. Melsheimer explicitly stated that the purpose of the organization was to normalize pedophilia where he felt the National Association of Man-Boy Love had failed to do so.

“MAP” has become a popular way for pedophiles to identify themselves on the internet. Social justice activists have also taken to using the term for “non-offending” pedophiles, which some are claiming represent a marginalized sexual minority.

The backlash against Grandad’s Pride is just the latest in a battle parents and child safeguarding advocates have waged against “pride” books aimed at children…Source – Read More!

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