A new suspected Ukrainian kamikaze drone strike led to a major explosion at Moscow‘s main exhibition centre.

Russian officials claimed a UAV exploded after it was disrupted from another target by air defences.

The drone hit and damaged the Moscow Expo Centre on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, on the edge of the city’s skyscraper zone which was previously targeted by Ukraine.

Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin said air defences had ‘destroyed’ the drone and wreckage had fallen which caused ‘no significant damage’ to the exhibition pavilion.

But the footage showed a main explosion at the Expo Centre, around one mile from the British Embassy in Moscow.

A wall collapsed at the pavilion.

A resident named Maria said: ‘We live in the tower opposite, on the 68th floor. We heard a bang and saw a flash.

‘At first we thought it had hit the Federation Tower [skyscraper], but it turned out to be the Expo Centre. We could see a column of smoke from our windows.’

Another witness said: ‘We were sitting on the embankment at the time – we didn’t see the drone itself, but we heard a very loud noise, then smoke was billowing from the other side.’

A resident said: ‘My windows overlooking [the strike] were open.

‘I felt a blast wave – it became hot right in my flat. I’m in shock.’…Source – Read More!

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